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Automatic Orange JuicersAutomatic Orange Juicers
Manufactured by Cecilware

Think Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice! Think Big Profits!

There is nothing quite like serving a large glass of 100% freshly squeezed orange juice. Customers want and love the healthy, natural taste of fresh squeezed juice. Your sales will increase, as will your profits.

Cecilware offers 3 unique models of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juicers to meet and exceed your requirements and expectations. All 5 models have the “Fastest Gear System” in the industry. The efficient squeezing technology offers the fastest cycle of squeezing, extracting, straining and discarding of waste imaginable.

The secret to the phenomenal speed is the high tech processing gears, the micro-jagged stainless steel blade that slices and the high impact plastic convex balls that perfectly extract the orange’s juice without any trace of bitter peel oil.

# OJ200

# OJ28


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